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1   Link   Sitting Owl's Spiritual Forum
A place to share your connection to Spirit.
All sorts of spiritual discussions with main subjects as 'Understanding Spirit' (the use of the mind) and 'Manifesting Spirit' (the use of practice and ritual).
2   Link   Sitting Owl - Spiritual Adviser
Sitting Owl is a Spiritual Advisor. Shamanic and Spiritual Counselling based on All Traditional Native Teachings. Connecting Earth and Spirit wholistically and in Harmony with All Our Relations.
This site is identical to the Earth People Productions website.
3   Link   Earth People
Another one of Sitting Owl's Websites identical to sittingowl.com.au (sort of).
4   Link   Jim Tree
The teachings of James Tree-Gilmore - Lessons of the Sacred Circle and Natural Spirituality. Restoring Humanity to the Source of Life.
5   Link   The Keepers of The Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers
The Keepers of The Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers was formed in 1996 to protect the Pipestone Quarries in Pipestone Minnesota for all Tribal People. At that time there were various groups around Indian country saying the Quarries should belong to them only and not all Tribal nations.
6   Link   Kotuku Dreaming
I have created this website for my favourite Elder, Kiri Dewes. This is where she will be sharing her poetry and other wise words.
7   Link   Gerardus Speaks
8   Link   Scott-Carey Family
Designed and built by Sitting Owl, one of the descendants!
Information about the descendants and their family re-unions of Henry Scott and Abertina Virginia Scott (nee Carey). This site is designed to share our family's history, photos, new findings, plan our bi-annual Family Reunion and hopefully find new family members along the way.
9   Link   Sustainable Dreaming
Exploring and connecting indigenous wisdom and emerging sustainable practices to create harmony.
10   Link   The Story of Stuff
A must see to understand the truth of the industrial system.
11   Link   Spiritual Unity Of The Tribes (Aust.)
To bring to the people medicine through ceremony to preserve and in some cases re-teach elements of the old ways of living. To enable the vision of Black Elk which was for the reunification of all peoples, all colours, all religions, all classes. To work towards the sacred unity of all.
12   Link   Joseph Campbell Foundation
The official website for the Joseph Campbell Foundation.
13   Link   Conversations of a Higher Order
Joseph Campbell Foundation Forum Index
a network of information... a community of individuals.
14   Link   Wolakota Foundation
Wolakota Foundation is a grassroots non-profit organization emerging from the needs of traditional Lakota (Dakota/Nakota) people to maintain their cultural and spiritual lifeways for the sake of future generations. Since it's inception, the organization has sought to promote and protect as well as educate others about the traditional values and wisdom of Indigenous People.
Arvol Looking Horse is the main board of directors member.
15   Link   World Harmony Unlimited
Presently, we are a developing team of unique individuals, each with diverse skills and passions. As a creative collective which strives to promote world harmony, we come together to develop media projects and programs that promise to offer substance and value to those who engage them.
16   Link   Russell Means
17   Link   Jacqueline (German/English Linguist)
English to German lessons. German to English lessons. This ex Aussie girl is gifted with Hayoka Medicine.
18   Link   Pegasus Pony Parties
19   Link   Pathways Spiritual Centre
20   Link   Traditional Healing
Dr. William J. Martin, Jr.
It is Dr. Martin's sincere desire that the information and wisdom that you find offered on this website will assist you in your own journey toward optimum health, and may perhaps even change your life.
21   Link   Manataka American Indian Council
Elders of many nations from the four corners of Turtle Island made long pilgrimages to this magnificent place to perform ceremonies and share the gift of the curative waters called No-wa-sa-lon (Breath of Healing). They received other special gifts like healing stones, healing clay and healing herbs to enhance their journey through life.
The Manataka American Indian CouncilĀ® exists to preserve and protect this sacred place. Welcome to our village! Please come into our lodge and enjoy the gifts we have for you.
22   Link   Lose The Name
Do you want to learn more about the birth certificate/legal name fraud?
Find all you need including FAQ and lots of success stories.
23   Link   Kate of Gaia
All the important work and writings of Kate of Gaia to help you grasp the key to unplugging from the legal name fraud matrix.
24   Link   JollyGoodSense
From my jolly good friend and her jolly good sense: "I like to share the wisdom that comes to me from the bigger part of me. It continues to astonish me that I can access this wisdom, having for so long had no trust in myself to have any wisdom whatsoever!!"
25   Link   Constitution Of Peace
"The Constitution of Peace" is a group talking circle method that guarantees no interruptions to the speaker and constant circular flow.
It uses a minimum of 3 rounds with strict time limits, and deliberately allows speaking on ANY TOPIC. It can be used on-line, face-to-face or for radio and TV shows.Recommended for groups of 2 to 20 .