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They say a picture says a thousands words, but these pictures (in slide show form) still don't capture the spirit. If you really want to know me then come and do some ceremony with me.

Sitting Owl's favourite videos. These have some of the most important messages that we all have to take heed of if we, as humanity, are to re-learn how to live in harmony with 'All Our Relations'.

1 10th SUT Gathering 2007
2 11th SUT Gathering 2007
3 12th SUT Gathering 2010
4 13th SUT Gathering 2012
5 14th SUT Gathering 2013
6 15th SUT Gathering 2014
7 17th SUT Gathering 2015
8 19th SUT Gathering 2017
9 9th SUT Gathering 2006
10 Amanda & Alice
11 Black Bears visit 2007
12 Bush Home
13 Chief Seattle's Video
14 Favourite YouTubes
15 Gerson Therapy
16 Little Grandmother
17 Lodgings
18 Our Deepest Fear
19 Red Blanket Gathering 2006
20 Red Blanket Gathering 2007
21 Sitting Owl
22 What The FUQ
23 Yorta Yorta Gatherings

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