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Standing Rock

The Black Snake; The Condor and Eagle; and the Unity of the Tribes

The events and implications of the Standing Rock Sioux and Water Protectors
standing up against the Corporate Military Complex and the Dakota Access Pipeline

There is no such thing as a safe pipeline

Here is a must read; a very balanced and grounded article regarding the Standing Rock saga, but it still doesn't detract from my thoughts about it (see below). Also I still (as at 14th December 2016) know nothing of what is currently happening there, but I can guess based on my experience with the Corporate Military complex "slavery" system:

Also below my thoughts is an awesome article from RedWolf Pope; I hope you read that one too.

Standing Rock/DAPL Saga

By: Cassandra Eshleman
Part 1

Good evening oyates far and wide. As promised, I will post my findings and opinions on the Standing Rock/ DAPL saga.

I hold no ill will towards anyone for their opinions, beliefs or resolve. My primary goal is to inform with truth and to keep an peaceful dialog. Anyone who can't show restraint will be blocked from my page and all that I am a part of. Shall we begin?? Wonderful and thank you for your continued support and patience.. I truly appreciate it.


For over 7 long months, Native and non Native's alike have joined together in a massive demonstration against the Dakota Pipeline LLC and their affiliates to stop the installation of the massive pipeline that was scheduled to be installed beneath the Missouri River. The Native community believes that when the pipeline erupts, it will contaminate the Sioux tribes water and those who use the Missouri River as their primary drinking source. Further protests came about as the oil company began to annex land, sacred burial sites located on treaty lands, in order to complete their multi million dollar task.

The Native community from all over the world leapt to action... And here is where everything went terribly wrong.. :(

Thousands upon thousands of Native Americans, Indigenous Nations and Earth/ Water protector's gathered in this one place before they began to split into different camp's. A massive in flux of people who stood their grounds peacefully, saying we will not allow you to kill our people; let alone your people to bring oil under our water source and we will not allow you to destroy our grave sites so you can make money!!

In retaliation to the massive in flux of people, the Morton County sheriff's department, state law enforcement, privately hired militia were enacted and procured.

These people were to do a few things..
Uphold the right to peacefully assemble, to maintain law and order for all people's and to protect private property/ employees.

But as this protest morphed into a movement and with more people with their various opinions, emotions and actions shown themselves; so did those of the local police department and DAPL .

They begin to set the encampment up to resemble a military installation, gathering intelligence and settings forth a series of events that are burnt in every Native nation across the globe. This is fact that the Morton County sheriff's department applied war tactics as would be enacted during martial law or war, violated human rights and behaved in an unlawful manner that made this one of the most disgusting miscarriages of justice in a very long time in American history.

Remember my wording, " One of the most disgusting miscarriages of justice in a very long time in American history."

Let's make something clear folks. The local law enforcement we're not the only people who were in the wrong here. There were antagonizers within the camp and in the community that caused a lot of turmoil.

Although the power's that be used violence to create fear, disharmony and discord; there were those heated Natives who took the stance, " We will spill blood first! Tit for tat. I will make you pay for your ancestors sin!!" And unfortunately those people helped the continued facilitation of the violence that bestowed upon peaceful protesters. Am I relaying that the treatment of the water protector's were the Native/ local agitators fault? Partially. The other part was pure evil and fear on the other side. To do the things that I have witnessed with my own eye's is catastrophic.

After the continuation of mistreatment of the Standing Rock community, constant outbreak of violence and abuse towards Native Americans; the Principal Chief of Standing Rock Sioux nation began to meet with local government officials, DAPL and federal officials to try to ease tension. He went to the United Nations to get help after pleading with Mr. Barack Obama to step in and offer a solution to this situation. Barack Obama's response was, " I will give it a few weeks to play out to see if a resolution can be put in place." Two weeks came and past.. Nothing.

United Nations came and past, publicly chastised the United States of their treatment of the Indigenous peoples... Again, the message fell on deaf ears. Or so we thought...

Now whilst the politics are going on, many people rallied to help the water protector's by donations. They held benefits and these proceeds were ALL supposed to go to help feed, clothe and provide supplies to the water protector's. Approximately 60% has went to their targets. Some went inadvertently to the enemy. Some went in the pockets of the greedy and the rest is in the hand's of traitor tribal members at Standing Rock. Per the Principal Chief's instruction, all mail was to be housed at the Sioux nation's warehouse.

(That's 40% of the donations people. This is why each of you were urged to find reputable sites to donate to. Packages have been slowly making their way to patrons less some of the fincial assistance that were mailed.)

Now, why in the world would you not want the people who are trying to save the water supply to have the appropriated funds to continue the fight??

I will answer those and more questions after I rest my fingers and on part two of this post..

Part 2
Standing Rock/DAPL Saga

When I ended the last post, I mentioned the question, Why would the Principal Chief of the Sioux nation not want to give the appropriated funds to the water protector's? Simple... Fear.

Let me break it down to you.

Let's move to the December. 5th eviction, 3,000 veteran soldiers, the direction of the Principal Chief for non Natives to vacate Standing Rock and the development of new, " All Nations " camp.

During the ongoing assault of the law enforcement officers the call was put out to all veterans to please help the water protector's. It was received and spread all across the United States. Let's put this in perspective again. Thousands of Native/ Non Native American's already at the camp's and now approximately 3,000 plus veterans heading there way. The overflow would be too overwhelming for the Sioux tribe and the resources to help keep the area clean, people fed and housed, children schooled, rest rooms, security and religious services going. The crowd was growing. Different affiliates from the media were finally coming in, Hollywood stars made their debut and even presidential hopefuls popped their head's in for a visit. These numbers were too much.

The order was given by the Army Corps of Engineers to vacate treaty land by December 5, 2016 and in conjunction with this a short time later; all non Natives were asked to either leave or relocate to the new encampment area.

As these order's were given, Mother Nature said her piece. A blizzard hit the area and to thin down the population more, government officials cut off services due to hazardous conditions.

Law enforcement officers made it almost impossible for some people to deliver goods and those who were there to deliver humanitarian aid were told that they could not enter or they would be fined if they entered through the North.

The Southern entrance was thankfully still opened and much needed goods were delivered that prevented mass casualties.

Through this all, I have seen people making money off of injustice. I have seen racism that I have not witnessed since I was a young child in the North! I have seen two talking entities who are more worried about how they look than their people's. I have seen inhumanity in the state of North Dakota and it's law enforcement officers that reflects the time's in Alabama during the civil rights movement for African Americans.

If you ever wanted to see the face of the devil, watch every video that came out of the horrors that the Native community has faced. What about the odd few Police officers that did not follow their boss and actually tried to help the Tribal community; only to get rocks, human feces and urine thrown at them. Yes, I have done my research and unfortunately found factual information that throws this allegation into the light.

It was later that we found out that many Morton County police officers quit because of the unethical treatment of the Native American community.

The innocent

I am still horrified at the treatment of tribal Elder's, destruction of sacred ceremonial sites, children being shot in the face and poor Sophia getting shot in the arm. These poor people will forever be scared. I am heartbroken for the male and female protector's also. Most people who joined the cause have honorable intentions. Please keep that up.

A new Sacred fire has been lit at All Nations camp @ Standing Rock. This camp is to reinstate peace, harmony and love back into the movement. This camp is to allow each person to start the healing process and encourage each person to use eco friendly products and energy to save the future generations from another terrible situation like this one. I ask you all, research the charities you are donating to so that you are sure that they are going to the water protector's. Please keep it peaceful. The world is watching and they are going to receive their just rewards.

For those who have or are aggravating a very fragile situation, shame on you.
You bring shame to your family, your ancestors, the country you hail from and all the people who have died for the freedoms you misuse and take for granted. I pray for all of you. I pray that justice is swift and precise.

Again oyates. It is best to have all pieces of the puzzle to see the big picture. Going off a small piece of a story leaves you uneducated and lacking.

Be blessed and thank you for joining me.

P.S. Standing Rock Reservation brought in 6 million dollars in donations...

Sitting Owl's knowledge and thoughts:

There are three prophecies that have great significance in the events around this situation. The prophecy of The Black Snake as seen by Black Elk in his vision was where he said that if the Black Snake crossed the river it would mean the end of the world. Another one of Black Elk's prophecies and probably the most important one in his vision was of the sacred hoop of his nation being one of many hoops and he saw a time when all the hoops of all the nations would come together. This was realised at Standing Rock because every indigenous nation of the world had some representation there and they all stood for Standing Rock against the Black Snake. That part of his vision can be found in the 'Gatherings' section of this website since the SUT (Spiritual Unity of the Tribes) gatherings were based on trying to bring this vision into fruition. The other prophecy that was realised through the Standing Rock situation was the one of the Condor and the Eagle coming together, which is symbolic of the unity between South America (The Condor) and North America (The Eagle).

I have had confirmation early in November 2016 from a good friend and Elder over in North Dakota (Ben Rhodd) who was arrested, put in a dog kennel, and numbered before being let go; that: "A 17 year old did get shot with a rubber bullet, bruised his belly. A lady's face got it worse." Ben Rhodd was one of the original founders of SUT gatherings and has attended SUT (Spiritual Unity of the Tribes - Australia) gatherings here in Australia. We lost the founding Australian members Don and Sue in a car accident on the 9th of November. I can't help but think that this too has relevance to the fact that Black Elk's vision of the Unity of the Tribes has come to fruition. The committee is dedicated to keep running gatherings regardless; hopefully until humanity eventually works out that that is the best way to live in harmony with nature anyway.

At this time the Standing Rock situation is one of many similar situations all over our Mother Earth, I see this as humanity's call to maturity, a sort of Rites of Passage. We need to be united, as we are one in Spirit, and we need to become responsible human beings who don't need any government. Governments and their departments are all corporations registered in Washington DC anyway; if you like, you can Google ‘Legal Name Fraud’ and study how the slave masters (Banking elite) do it!

Yep, it's time to let the slavery system die. We all need to stop feeding it and return to nature as all indigenous people have done as they saw countless high civilisations crumble; and this one will crumble too. No one can beat nature, so best we understand it and learn to live in harmony with nature and All Our Relations (Mitakuye Oyasin).

The order followers and consumers are feeding this slavery system!

As one Elder once said: "Now is the time to decide if you're going to be on the clean-up gang or the gang that gets cleaned up."

I think this video, of my good friend Jim Medicine Tree talking about the Hopi Nation's advice for better living, explains a huge part of the solution:
Hopi Advice for Better Living

Thoughts after the 4th.

By RedWolf Pope

Feel free to share.

While growing up, I witnessed how medicine people healing someone, would say; "Are you ready to let this go?" They didn't just mean the illness, they meant the aspects of their life which created that initial seed of unhealthiness. As well as attitudes or beliefs which watered that seed to grow. Bitterness, resentment, anger, jealousy and feeling disempowered are seeds that grow into many illnesses in our People.

One thing that can destroy a cure after a ceremony, is for the person to doubt the healing by questioning the gift. To say "I don't really think I'm healed...are you sure it won't come back". For that reason most healers will wait a few days and pray before even spending the time, effort and energy to heal someone. Belief is the most important ingredient to heal and to believe it will continue is just as important.

Standing Rock was a powerful healing ceremony, and we need everyone who was part of that healing to believe, to hold onto the good energy and the sacred fire within each everyone. That area of Mother Earth received a healing that day.

I write this because I have seen controversy brewing against the leadership and even between the participants. Almost like displaced anger looking for a place to land. As for myself, I am no one's leader but my own. My contribution has just been assisting the legal team, listening to the spiritual leaders, and providing help for the veteran's needs to get situated...and because of this, I can say first hand that I saw every one of them put their heart and soul into that prayer of support and intention. I give them my thanks, for I feel they all gave their very best in earning what we all gained.

I worked behind the scenes, paying thousands for my own travel and assisting with funding for others to help Standing Rock protect mni wic'oni. However, I do not feel my help needs accounting. I wasn't paying or raising money for people to be on the line. I was gifting to people I believed in who were part of a movement I believed in. Elders taught me that energy will come back, and it did on Dec 4th.

Do I care if some people got a lot of money from gofundme? No, it is on them to honor the wishes of their donors. Do I care if people left while others chose to stay? No, each of us have different gifts to offer. The elders there told me when a sacred fire is lit, the sparks that lift out of the fire will take root in each and every one of us. That fire of seven councils came with commitments toward many struggles around the world. And the creator handles those who reject such commitments. So I do not worry about receipts, ulterior motives, or alliances. Because on Dec 4th, life won, water won and it took all of us.

Our Western Shoshone spiritual leader Corbin Harney once told me. "The people have a hard time believing in the good, It's like water - we've gotten used to being given dirty water for so long, we don't trust the clean water - something must be wrong with it - so we push it away and we attack each other for bringing it, or trusting it" - which relates to the importance of believing in a gift instead of doubting. Do not push away the clean water - the gift.

Remember what we were praying for...mni wic'oni. Remember what we achieved. We proved to the world, that the bottom 1% of the US can challenge the most powerful government and industry in the entire world. We were shown that good things can happen even when all hope seems lost. We proved peace is more powerful than violence, that prayer is more powerful than threats, and unity is more powerful than a line of hired storm troopers.

Standing Rock lasted months, with thousands being part of a sacred fire blessed by tobacco and offerings from more then 300 Nations around the world. Women wore dresses, reflecting the story shared by the Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Bundle about the tipi; the last pole carrying the dress wrapping for the tipi, along with a sacred fire becoming a Wic'oti, meaning a spiritual camp. Wi is the sacred sun - c'oti means the center of the spiritual fire being lit and ti represents all the tipis surrounding. In this way the woman is known as the backbone of the Nation in which we depend upon. All part of Buffalo Teachings. That sacred fire was kept burning, and that is why the prayers of the world were able to be focused; reaching 150 years into the past to bring a miracle. Custer's 7th Cavalry came and asked for forgiveness, offering to stand as human shields for the native people. I could have asked any of you a year ago if that would ever be possible and you would have laughed.

We saw the completion of prophecies in which Black Elk described a spiritual battle by the confluence of three rivers where horses danced. Crazy Horse described People of all nations dancing in unity under the sacred tree united. Chief Looking Horse explained the branches of that tree are the rivers coming together from the west, north and east pouring downward through the main Mississippi waters draining into the Gulf of Mexico; our people had to show the importance of Mni Wic'oni. The black snake prophecy said that if the people failed, it would mark the beginning of the end of the world. All this happened, in the time of this 7th generation (we are all the 7th in our time), with white buffalo and other white animals now returning alive in the world. This is a time of choosing what path we and the world will walk.

It was no accident the White House went into deliberations the same moment that the 7th cavalry was invited into camp after the forgiveness ceremony. The United Nations sent representatives invited by Chief Looking Horse, Religious/Spiritual Representatives from around the world arrived from different Faiths, each offering prayers of support believing in change. While Chief Looking Horse and the camp's horse riders rode around the whole camp praying and a prayer circle of over 10,000 people was being formed, I received a message from someone helping us on Capitol Hill. It said "if you believe in miracles, tell your people to pray now."

When the last hands clasped closing the circle, an announcement came from the Keeper of the sacred pipe and then the Chairman...the pipeline was halted. The crowd rejoiced, with war cries in happiness, tears of relief, and thankfulness in songs of celebration. At that moment, the sun shone warm (ancestors blessing us) and many noticed warmth even felt like it was coming from the earth, despite it being a cold day.

Dec 4th, should mark a day of hope for all of us, a day to remember the power of prayer.

As we move forward, please hold that prayer with the thankfulness it deserves, especially in peace with each other, and those who helped lead us. WE won...regardless of what future Presidents or companies do. What we are facing are new struggles, but we proved to the world what is possible when we believe together. We gave the world hope. We gave it to ourselves, we need to accept the clean water, which none of us are used to having. Accept the healing, and be proud you were a part of it. And proud of those who stood on the front line, and the many that have been helping behind the scenes: marching, dealing with banks and politicians, raising funds for ongoing challenges (like medical and legal), sending needed supplies, counseling, working in camps, and cooks creating food as medicine. No one is above one another when a Hoop is created to be strong. All of us were an essential part of that victory. We absolutely could not have done this major feat without each and every one involved in the World sending supplies and good intentions of energy in prayers. Every drop of water counted to push back the black snake. You succeeded.

So, when you hear of the Elders or leaders being defamed, attacked, or the success being questioned, remember that does not serve us, but instead serves to resurrect the Black Snake. This is what it thrives on, look at its Keepers.. Blame and division does not serve anyone, but them.

Our Elders and People of prayer will always be our leaders, that is our traditional way. We can not allow DAPL to win through our division or finger pointing of one another. Even hating DAPL or Morton County is not a part of healing, because the conflict energy is what they thrive on, it is what they want us to do.

United intentional prayers created Miracles on December 4; which we must keep intact. There are many lies which DAPL and Morton try to use which we never question "rioters" "thugs" "they are only protesting to get money" If we begin to do the same to each other. We begin to do their work. Instead, we need to stay unified. For only then do we have to power to change things.

I saw a powerful moment standing on the side of the hill over Thanksgiving. The police had their rifles and bear spray aimed at us. They were misting the hill with the hoses, and both sides began to yell at each other. Violence felt imminent. Then a woman (who I will let decide if she wishes to be known) began to sing a song from her people, and everyone fell silent. She said "we are here because we love our children. We are here because we also love your children." And she pointed at the cop with a rifle aimed at her and said "I even love you." He lowered the rifle, tapped his heart and put up a peace sign. There was no violence that day. This is the power of peace and prayer. This is how we succeeded. Even the smallest light is stronger than the blackest darkness. And there were people like her who carried a lot of light at Standing Rock; and we didn't just light our own people, we lit some even on their side. We do not need to attack the darkness, simply create light.

Our goal now should be helping to spread the strength and lessons to the many many more continued Standing Rocks that need attention upon Mother Earth. The world has taken notice. Yesterday the company pushing Pinyon pipeline through the Navajo Nation withdrew their application, citing "market forces". We did not even have to set up camp that time.

We have much work to accomplish and can succeed if we unite. For example today, we must pray for and protect those arrested. They have been pulled into a place of conflict (court) by those who want to see "us and them". We need them to understand "we do this for their children too." And we need more lawyers who understand this and can help.

We now know what is possible through our unity and prayer - Freedom. Sovereignty can be attained, but we must release the colonial conflict behavior.

So, hold on to what we achieved in unity. This is a step towards the emancipation of Native People. Towards a time when we can finally heal our nations and begin to show a different way to help heal the world.

Standing Rock is where we began to stand again. Thank you for being a part of it.

Mitakuye Oyasin (to all my relations)

RedWolf Pope
Tosawi Newe (White Knife band of TeMoak Shoshone)
Tekweidi 'Lingit (Eagle Bear Yakutat Tlingit)

I'm not sure if DAPL has actually stopped or not (well I do now, they are probably pumping the muck as I type). David Archambault, concerned for visitors who were not equiped for the sub zero temperatures called for everyone to go home and enjoy their Christmas celebration at home (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe4aqRu5B_8) so it didn't take long for the corporate order followers to order everyone out of the camps and bulldoze everything; pretty much making the whole saga not much more than a hickup for DAPL. Last I heard (July 2017) was that many court cases were being scheduled to prosecute all those that were arrested during the saga; conformation of that has come from Ben Rhodd who is seeking advice from an lawyer (like so many, I don't believe he understand the "Legal Name Fraud").

However as far as unity and fulling many of the prophecies there has definitely been a win and indeed we must carry this spirit forward!

"We do not need to attack the darkness, simply create light."

Aho! Mitakuye Oyasin!


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