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No Name BBQ -

By: Kaz

I’m at a bbq with friends today, and as usual the conversation turns to the no-name game. Hey, it’s me here!

So I’ve been talking to some of these guys for as long as a year or two now. It’s been slow going but they’re finally beginning to see the light. However, while they’ve understood the idea conceptually, the program is still firmly entrenched, and it manifests as ‘the fear factor.’

Now I had given my friends some copies of BiF (Babylon Is Fallen) a few months back, and of course I had shared my experience at the breathalyzer, which was only a few miles from the house we were all gathered at. This brought it very close to home, literally and metaphorically.

Anyhow, one of the men was involved in a motor-vehicle accident on the freeway about 6 months ago and had totaled his car, so he and his wife had waited anxiously for the result of the mandatory blood test. They pretty much knew it would show evidence of his habitual weed use, and of course it did.

So, after waiting and waiting for the result, with a cannabis -positive reading they received, of course, no insurance payout, as well as a scheduled visit from the police force claiming jurisdiction where the accident happened. They were very nervous about what the cops would do.

He and his wife knew about the name game [since I'd been railing on it for well over a year], and they told me they’d talked about what they would say if charges were filed. In the end they couldn’t handle the scripting, and no decision was made.

So a cop shows up at the appointed time, complete with bullet-proof vest and a penis extension. My friend says he feels intimidated as he sits down with the cop; his wife paces in the kitchen as the situation is discussed.

At some point she gathers up her courage and walks out onto the patio to join them. She mentions the name game to the cop, and he completely surprises them when he calmly tells her that, yes, he knows of this. In fact, he says, there’s a GROUP of people living in the Maleny area [about 45 min. drive away] who maintain they neither ARE nor HAVE a legal name.

She then relates my experience to the cop, and he nods and says, “right, but the cops round here are soft [lofl] and if it were me I would have arrested her.” At this point I look at my friend quizzically and laugh. She nods, laughs and says, yeah, right.

Now I know she gets it. She was pissed she couldn’t find one of the BiF foldouts I’d left with her to give him.

In any case, long story short, it’s a very genial meeting, and then the cop departs, alone, with nary a mention of a single charge!

Naturally enough, we all celebrated with a well-packed bowl! Lmfao. And you can bet we did!

In related news, I recently found out about the friend of another friend I’d handed a bunch of flyers to who, when the subject was brought up, proclaimed she already knew all about it! She lives locally, so that surprised the hell out of me. I’d always felt so alone in my knowledge here.

So guys, the lesson here is this: don’t ever think your fanatical, passionate dedication to spreading the word falls on deaf ears. Diligence pays off. Sometimes seeds lay dormant, and take a while to germinate, but when they do, they explode.

On the other hand, there are times when that seed begins to sprout immediately.

I always look for opportunities to slip in a word or two about the setup to the friends my kids bring home [ok, maybe rather more], and I’m finding the teenagers are really getting this stuff.

For example, a friend of my son is staying with us for a couple days. We went out last night, and as we got into the car Calum said to me, tell him about the name thing. I replied, why don’t you tell him, and he said, I did, but he wants to hear more.

As I spoke, I could see the light bulb brightening above his head with every word. He kept nodding and saying, yep, that makes sense. He’s 15 and goes to a private catholic school, so I mentioned the truth of the astrological bible as well, and the clues it holds regarding Christ, which is a state of consciousness.

I asked him if he likes school and he said, not really. But when I asked him why, he just shrugged and wrinkled his face. So I said, is it that you don’t like being told what to do? At which point he perked up and exclaimed, YES!

Well then, I said, this is how you assert and maintain your own authority so no one ever can tell you what to do: by knowing you are NOT a legal name and you don’t own one, by standing in that truth, by being entirely responsible for yourself, and by becoming the author of your own stories,… which is your own lore, and this is THE law for YOU. I mentioned the golden rule, and it was heartening to see that he really understood.

I told him, when we do this we free the entire world and finally end the tyranny of insane psychopaths we’ve trusted to run things for us; we end all the wars and the starvation and the abuse; we free earth from exploitation; and say goodbye forever to the depressing jobs they’re forcing you to choose. Instead, we get to do what we love to do with a passion, and then we share it. It really is that simple.

So I asked him if any of this made sense, and he nodded and said, yes, it totally does; it totally makes sense.

I loved to see how his eyes brightened above that shit-eating grin! I told him it really was a devilishly clever plan, and it goes wide and deep, but now you see what’s going on you’re bound to start noticing all the clues, because they’re absolutely everywhere.

At the end of the conversation I said we just need to spread this truth far and wide, and then he told me he’s going to make sure and tell all his friends. I’ve handed him a bunch of BiF flyers to pass along.

Interestingly the teenagers at the bbq hung around and listened to our conversation too, for a change, lol. They asked questions, I repeated my own experience, and wide-eyed they hung on every word.

This age group is so, so ready to hear about all of this. They feel the squeeze of increasing authority looming just ahead, intensifying as they progress through high school. Now they see it’s a depressing future, where they swap the comparatively gentle rod of their parents for the much colder, harsher rod of the system — and they also see the bull shit they’ve been fed as an innocent child.

Let’s make sure we focus on the teens, guys. Through role modeling they can influence their younger siblings, and even bend their parents’ ears.

I’m finding more and more that teens are positively HUNGRY for this truth. And there’s no fucking way I’m going to let them down.

Thank you so much for sharing Kaz

Here is Ninja's take:

What is the allegory of BBQ for me today? Here, let me tell you:

B = 13 (expand the B, open it to see the hidden 13) 13 can represent Christ Consciousness
B = can also represent 13th Warrior/Ophiucus. 
Q = Queue/Queue-ing up (to eat, have fun, learn some truth). Right on CUE.

So here we have a B B Q where Kaz (who originally shares this story with us) attends in order to share the power of the 13th warrior who is standing in Christ consciouness and a life-changing truth about the legal name fraud. Of course! What else?



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