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Dealing with the Devil

Documentation of harassment from Golden Plains Shire

Charles Muir (Golden Plains Shire Investigation Officer) arrived unannounced

sometime late November 2012 to early January 2013

Letter from Golden Plains Shire – Re Suspected Illegal Dwelling 10th Jan 2013

Golden Plains Shire rejects Mediation

Recorded interview 1st May 2013

Notice to Comply 11th June 2013

Notice of intention to enter land
http://david.sittingowl.com.au/Pictures/Docs0003-Enter land.jpg

First Planning Infringement Notice (Fine $722.00) (Due before issued)

Amended Fine

Lawyers Letter of advice 17th Oct. 2013
This link will go to an error page because I have been asked to remove it by the law firm that sent it. I understand their reasons are because it contained phone numbers and other sensitive information. When I decided to include it here I tried to extract just the information I want you all to see, but was unable, so I uploaded the whole thing.
If you want to know what the whole legal system is expecting me to do you will have to come and visit me. I only hope you all do and feel free to stay and stand my ground with me as I'm suspecting that this is the only way that I can continue to have my human right to practice my spiritual religion. It is probably also the only way I will not be forced to become another homeless statistic.
I not only live this way so as to practice my religion and run Sweat Lodges for people, but also because my carbon footprint is practically zero. I am doing my best I can for our Mother Earth, but the legal and government systems seem hell bent on forcing me to stop, therefore increasing my carbon footprint.
I'm crying out for help from you all to uphold my human right to practice my spiritual religion.

Magistrates Court, Friday 13th June 2014
Well friends and All My Relations, just in case you're interested in what happened in court Friday 13th, Full Moon, with solar flares, I can tell you that nothing ventured, nothing gained and also in this case; nothing won and nothing lost. Sounds like life to me.
I can tell you that the judge only recognised me as a flesh and blood man with no name, and there certainly was no game. He went ahead and ordered the fine be paid, no more and no less than the last one in the mail, as if I was not there. At least I got to experience what happens when there is 'No Names Here Mate'.
I also got to meet a distant neighbour who is also being fined.
Thank you to everyone who has, have, and will support me in this different adventure in my life.
Mitakuye Oyasin - All Our Relations
Yours in Spirit 
Sitting Owl

It may be that if I had have know this stuff earlier and said "No names here mate", from the start and sent their mail back with that written on it, I might be in a different place either here or in future. However it's also likely to have been the same as it is at present, but the future will unfold as it needs to, but not according to my Will, but Great Spirit's Will.
All I can do is best I can with whatever I know at any given time (NOW) and trust that things will turn out for best for All Our Relations.

Yours in Spirit
Sitting Owl

Email to Shire CEO and Charles 17th June 2014:

Attached: Pope's letter and Babylon Is Fallen.

Dear Mr Nicholls and Charles Muir

I think you will agree that it was proven in the court case at Ballarat Magistrates court last Friday that the corporate system that you are representing/aiding and abetting was only interested in dealing with the corporate fiction NAME. I am NOT  that name and nor will I be representing that corporate name; I am a spirit inhabiting a flesh and blood man, therefore I strongly suggest that you read the attached documents and take them to heart. I make this recommendation not to be arrogant, but to inform you of the truth of the situation so that you might take steps to save your own soul from slavery. If there is anything that you just can’t believe then I invite you to do your own research remembering that anyone above you on the corporate ladder will make sure that you stay subordinate and they are therefore unlikely to tell you the truth, but the truth is out there.

I send you blessings and honestly wish you all the best in your life.

Yours in Spirit
Sitting Owl

One more point to make
It was mentioned in the prosecution's statement that my toilet was not regulation, but it turns out that the same theory of the workings of my toilet are the same as the toilets that they install at bush picnic spots. Here's one of theirs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bH2sGoqsrA

My final correspondence with them all before returning all their correspondence was as follows:
Namaste' Sir/Madam
I cannot accept any invitation to attend any forum because the LEGAL NAME to whom the invitation is made, namely XXXXXXX, xxxxxxxx, or derivatives of it, is a name that my parents were defrauded into licensing. I further NOTICE you that this LEGAL NAME is not licensed to ME the MAN known as Sitting Owl, and by ASSUMING the LEGAL NAME licensed to ANOTHER party without SANCTION is FRAUD. Therefore, should any man or woman coerce me either by persuasion, deceit, or threat into accepting or in any way appearing to represent the LEGAL NAME, is inciting me to COMMIT FRAUD. 
Any property registered to the legal name (XXXXXXX, xxxxxxxx,, or derivatives of it), has been fraudulently registered and is in fact in the stewardship of the MAN known as Sitting Owl.

It is not my position to assume or instruct you the man or woman, as to what might be done with the LEGAL NAME, but I am AS KING that you ensure that any actions on your part does not have any ramifications for the living MAN known as Sitting Owl. Such an instance would make the man or woman a perpetrator and a party to the FRAUD.

The nature and full extent of this fraud is becoming increasingly well known and the responsibility now lies with all of us to ensure that it is no longer perpetuated against the living men and women of the earth.

I wish you blessings and enlightenment along your path of life. 

Yours in Spirit
Sitting Owl



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