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Names Revisited

Most of us believe we are the name that appears on our birth certificates, the name everybody tells us IS us.  The name the teacher reads out of the Register, at roll-call, each day.

Truth is, we are not that name at all.

We are divine beings, spirits, souls, using a physical form, a body, having experiences on this planet.

No name can truly define or describe who we are.

There is a very important difference between a Legal Name and the name you were given by your parent(s) when you were born.  Even if it looks and sounds like exactly the same name, it isn’t.

A Legal name is part of a fraudulent contract that our parent(s) were tricked into signing, when they registered us after we were born.  This legal contract has us bound, spiritually, to a fictional realm in which we hold no power over our own, divine, creative essence.  This is wrong.  But so long as we know this information, we can break that contract, in honour, and live NOT in a lie, but in truth.

The name our family call us by is not the Legal name, though maybe they don’t yet understand the difference.

We are not Legal names and should not go through life believing that we are.  And we should learn NOT to answer to that assumed Legal name.

A Legal name is official, it’s on the birth certificate, it’s the name the government uses for you, the one the school uses for you, etc.

A name is just something we like to answer to, and it can be the one that sounds the same as the Legal name, it may even look the same as the legal one, but it isn’t!  There is a difference.

We also like to answer to nick-names and shortened versions of the full name, don’t we?  This is our choice.

Your real, true, unique name is unknowable to anyone but you and can never be spoken, it is the tone inside your own head that only you can hear.

Did you know, ‘name’ means ‘way’?

What is your way in this life?  Nobody knows but you, as you follow your own unique path.  Nobody can live your life but you.

Ka/Te, Ka-Te or KaTe means in the spirit of the law of truth.

Stand in your truth.

If anyone wants to go further into this there is a lot of helpful stuff on Kate's website: http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com/

Thanks for that Kate, this info has helped me no end so far with my dealings with the slavery system that calls them self the Australian Government, who are actually dead entity corporations who have tricked us out of our spiritual rights by making us corporations with the birth certificate.

Please do your own homework to see this for yourself that this is the case. I proved it to myself when I went to court for the "crime" of living on the land I thought I owned (used my dad's inheritance to purchase outright) without a permit (permission) from the slavery system. It turns out that we own nothing, in fact this is spiritual truth too, because the title is in my legal name it belongs the that corporation, but the system owns that corporation because of my birth certificate. After I was asked 3 times if I was that legal name and I said: "No,  I'm the living flesh and blood man." The Judge told me to sit down and let him do his job; to fine the Legal Name!

Anyway I won't go into that any deeper because you all really need to do your own homework so that this information has sunken right into your soul.

I will however say that although Kate can be even more blunt that myself, there is nothing that she has said that does not resonate with what I know to be THE TRUTH.

In response to kate's comment that 'name' means 'way', I want to say that the closest I can come up with to express my real name, my way (the buzz I hear in my ears when I go to sleep), is with the name Sitting Owl, but I'm not Sitting Owl either, I'm a spirit, just one spark of Great Spirit (who is also beyond names), temporarily residing in this bit of flesh and blood of Mother Earth.

So again I thank you KaTe of Gaia for confirming and making clear some of the things I felt deep within me to be true; you have aided me greatly along my learning curve that is my journey in this incarnation. A journey of a person of knowledge that is never ending.


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