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Explanation of the Journey into Color

Color – The Source of Life – Life in the Beginning

Shared by Doc Martin Jr.



Mandalas have been used many ways in the past. You can fix your center of focus on a mandala to see an object or color. Mandalas have been made in many ways. We see as we think, and we think as we see. We are showing – in the four corners of the chart – just a few of the many mandalas.


This Egyptian papyrus painting is of an original gold ornament discovered in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, dating back to the 18th Dynasty, about 1500 B.C.

The central symbol, the Eye of Horus, the hawk-headed sun god, represents the eye of the sun, giver of life. Protecting the eye on one side is a rearing cobra, symbol of the goddess Wadjet, wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt. The other side is protected by the vulture goddess, Nekhbet, wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt and clutching in her claws the shenu which surrounded the name of the King in hieroglyphics, representing him as ruler of all that which is encircled by the sun.

They eye of Horus was believed to bring blessings of strength, vigor, protection and good health. The original gold ornament was decorated with enamel and inlay, the red represents carnelian, the green, turquoise and the blue, lapis lazuli – a typical three-color scheme in Egyptian art.

3. Rainbow

The rainbow is the Journey into Color.


The coarse, harsh colors apply to the physical side of life. The mental colors affect us psychologically. The tints and hews deal with the spiritual side of nature, the sensitive, spiritual faculties.

In describing these colors, they have both constructive and detrimental effects. Just as we can have an excess of certain foods in our body, we can also have an excess of certain colors in our aura. All colors have their own vibrations. Everything physical in life started out with colors. In the beginning, everything was a vibration. All metals have their own vibrations. All drugs have their own vibration. Health and every disease have their own vibration. Each organ has its own vibration.

As we work with the colors, we have what we call the physical sense colors, which was very harsh. This is at the extreme left side of our chart.

Red. This is a color that stirs the senses and passions. It has to do with the power, energy, vitality and excitement of life, and in its positive aspect, can stimulate strength, joy, happiness and love. Red is one of the primary colors of fire. The deep red of scarlet stimulates the animal nature, they physical passions. The crimson of blood represents the suffering element in life. The gentle pink shade brings the mother-love vibration. Red is physical, personal, the color of greatest warmth. Negative aspects of the red vibration can bring out fear, uncontrolled passions, lust and excessive anger. Red can be used when the vitality is low, when the blood circulation is poor. It is most disturbing to those with mental problems or disturbances, and should not be used around them. It is the slowest vibration of all the visible colors, affecting the emotions more quickly than any other.

Orange. Mentally, orange stimulates creativity and ambition through its energetic activity, but also generates pride and a sense of preservation. Many fruits and vegetables are orange or orange-red. Excess exposure to orange can produce great nervousness and restless behavior. Among the minerals, it represents attraction of the elements, working as a cohesive force. Orange light was found by Burbank to speed up the growth of plants.

Yellow. We find that yellow is primarily a joy color, but it also brings out wisdom, understanding and the highest intuitional insight. In its golden aspect, it represents spiritual perfection, peace, rest. It is the color of sunshine, youth, gladness, merriment, making sunless rooms bright and cheery when used as a wall color. Yellow is a good color for the kitchen. Yellow fruits and vegetables tend to be laxative to the bowel and calming to the nerves. In its negative aspect, yellow (when too bright or used too often) is over stimulating to the nerves and irritating, even to the point of destructiveness. Yellow, in its negative vibration, is the color of cowardice, prejudice, destructive domination. In its most positive vibration, golden yellow is deeply spiritual, bringing out compassion and creativity.

Green. Nature brings out a great deal of the green, from the pale green of new spring grass and budding leaves to the deep green of the mature forest. Green is soothing, healing, peaceful and cool in its positive aspect, a restful balm to the weary in body or mind. It has great healing power. On its negative side, green represents selfishness, jealousy, laziness and heavy dark greens can be depressing and even debilitating. Green is useful in soothing pain and calming the infant who is teething. Yellow-green stimulates generosity on the mental plane and elimination on the physical plane. Spring green represents new life, regeneration, joy and gladness.

Blue. Here we have the color of the heavenly consciousness, truth, harmony, calmness and hope. Sky-blue clothing on women brings out the protective nature of men. Whereas red excites the passions, blue soothes and quiets them. The softer hues of blue are sedative to the nerves. Sky-blue clothing is the most protective from the sun in the tropics. Blue is a quieting color for the rooms of violent criminals or violent mentally disturbed persons. Blue and green together stimulate the highest level of talent and creativity in art and music.

Indigo. This color, between blue and violet, blends reason with intuition, discipline with creativity, in its highest positive vibration. Indigo represents the creative and the destructive in nature, the metabolic process in man (catabolism and anabolism), the divine law of change and growth. In its negative aspect, indigo represents stagnation, mental fatigue, striving without success; but it also represents the “breakthrough point” where old failures are transmuted into new successes, where frustrated mental striving breaks through into higher consciousness, where problems become stepping-stones to wonderful solutions. Indigo represents the healing crisis of the natural healing art, where the old toxins and wastes are cast out of the body to make way for the building of new tissue.

Violet. The purple robe or mantle has long been the symbol of royalty and spiritual authority. This vibration represents the highest consecration of the soul. It is associated with prosperity, wealth, and the generation of productivity. The violet vibration stimulates the spiritual nature of man, self-mastery, the royal consciousness and the higher creativity. Wagner is said to have composed his greatest works in rooms decorated with purple velvet drapes, while St. Germaine used the violet vibration in healing. The pale violet of orchid is the vibration of the truth seeker. In its negative aspect, violet can be overwhelming to the individual unprepared for it, generating snobbery, pretense and even the deceit of the imposter. Violet is the fastest vibration among the rainbow colors, fading more quickly than any other.

White. White is the vibration of the Christ consciousness, purity, the cosmic plane of perfection, representing “the peace that passeth understanding.” In light, it represents the harmonious, perfect blending of all rainbow colors. The power of the white light is intolerable to those who keep or cultivate personal aspects associated with the lower nature of man – deceit, malice, jealousy, hate, envy, violence and so forth. White Light is the greatest revealer of ultimate truth.

Black. The opposite of white, black represents the absence of light, and as a pigment of color, black absorbs all other colors. Black clothing absorbs the heat of the sun more than any other color, while white absorbs the least. Black is the color of the funeral drape, representing the loss or absence of life. A black armband is worn to symbolize grief over the loss of a loved one greatly respected. Being around black too much is draining on the health, because it absorbs energy and vitality, leaving the individual fatigued in both body and mind. Black clothing interferes with proper skin elimination and brings out a mood of somberness in others. In its most negative aspect, black is said to encourage the worst in those who have criminal tendencies. The darkest deeds are done at night, the worst villain is said to be “black-hearted.” The less black clothing is worn, the better for the individual. Black clothing should never be used in hot weather.

Brown. This color, at its most positive, represents fertility, mother-earth, and the strength of seasoned wood. However, it is a heavy color, a severe color, a slow vibration with many negative effects. Brown should be used sparingly in home decoration or clothing, and is best used with other colors – white, red, orange or yellow. In its negative aspect, brown is a color that repulses, diminishes vitality, negating the life force, suggesting decay and the dying of nature. The highest quality of brown is that it represents the plane from which beauty comes forth, as the lily or the rose grown forth from the mind; but it reflects no beauty in itself. Because brown, black and gray (a mixture of white and black) reflect no beauty in themselves; they may be effectively used to display beauty of form as in pottery or sculpture and may emphasize the beauty of form as in pottery or sculpture and may emphasize the beauty of other colors when used as a frame or trim colors.

We now come to the mental side of those colors. Mental attitudes have their own vibratory rates. Each color has a positive and negative effect. We live in the mind and there is power of mind over body. The subconscious mind is also able to see and behold colors.

The very light, sensitive colors are the spiritual ones. White is the symbol of purity. The spiritual colors are the ones we meditate with when we want to quiet our being and our inner self. Spiritual colors are for people who feel deeply, for those who have fine skin, fine hair, and those who want to reach out for the ethereal and the aesthetic nature which we have in the body. It is well that we develop a spiritual as well as a physical nature. We know the pupil of the eye relaxes 40% more when it looks at a beautiful picture than when it looks at anything ugly or horrible. We know also there is a 40% relaxation to the pupil when we are in love, as compared to when we feel hateful or fearful.

As we look to these three color categories, physical, spiritual and mental, we realize that the physical colors have a great deal to do with our physical being, such as muscle structure – the bones. The mental colors take in more of the mind and higher chakras. The spiritual colors deal more with that which is unseen. Sometimes that which is unseen is more comprehensible, more active and can do us more good when we go into silence. We can project a soft hue and soft tint on any picture if we develop that faculty within ourselves. We can see things from a spiritual standpoint rather than from the physical. We can do this when we are dealing with argumentative people by changing the color of the red anger in a person and seeing it differently. When we see the God in a person we see a different color than when we see them as jealous or envious. We change that “blue Monday” by looking through “rose-colored glasses.” We can make our own world and develop it through the faculty of color.


It is quite dramatic to see the sun work through a prism and see how the seven colors, though I say nine, come from a white light. While teaching in California, I saw a demonstration of how they would allow sunshine to pass through a hole in a building, then the crystal (prism) would separate the light into the seven basic colors-humans cannot se Infra Red or Ultra Violet. A person could stand or lie in the light and get the effects of any one of these colors. Color has been used for many thousands of years – this is nothing new. I have used a Dinshah color machine, made in 1919, for many years in my clinic with amazing success.


Everything is in a state of flux. Everything is moving. Everything has a place and is working in its own little activity. Each human is a vibrant being, a life-giving being, a life-receiving being. We can receive and feel vibrations. We are magnetic people. We have magnetic personalities. We live in the vibration of the sun and the sun’s activities come to us through color, various foods, and emanations. Some vibrations are detrimental such as certain harsh types of music and noise from appliances and motors. Vibration comes to us from each color.

We find we throw out vibrations to people in the form of hate or fear. We can also send out love and joy. Even odors and perfumes are forms of vibrations. There are women who can wear a flower and it will last just a few hours, but other women will wear a flower and it will last for several days.

It has been found from experimenting that the vibratory effect of prayer on a plant will cause it to grow; however condemnation by a group of people will stunt a plant’s growth. I have a red greenhouse where plants grow much faster. If plants are put in a blue greenhouse, their growth is stunted and slowed down. There are people with a “green thumb,” so to speak, and are successful with raising plants while others just can’t grow anything.

A man named Kellogg was able to play a single note on his violin and put out a Bunsen burner flame across the room. Caruso was able to sing a certain note and break a glass on his mantel across the room. Natives in the South Seas can hear a canoe coming down the river eight miles away by putting their ear to the water’s edge.

This electrical magnetic cosmic-driven vibration is constantly around us. The aurora borealis gives off colors that affect plant life and the atmosphere. Music gives off certain vibrations. Television gives off certain vibrations. A magnet placed in front of a television tube can distort the face of a person appearing. We live in a cosmic magnetic world, and the day may come when automobiles will be prevented from moving over 55 miles per hour by magnets. John Ott had many television sets recalled by the government because of radiation danger, due to inadequate shielding. The effects from the early sets upset the pituitary gland in experimental animals so much that they produced runts with digestive disturbances and no hair. This is a world of vibration, and we find that this goes far beyond what is seen and heard. Infrared photography deals more with vibration as found in heat. Ultraviolet radiation is above that which can be seen. X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays are also vibrations. In the future, we will probably have more diagnoses made with ultrasound, which cannot be felt or heard. We live in a far more wonderful world of vibrations than people imagined a few generations ago.


Some people are born to express themselves in certain colors. It would be nice to know our color and how to use it with other colors to balance our natures.

We are made up of a vast array of colors. It would be nice to seek balance as much as possible. For Instance, It is my nature to go fast and get things done in expressing myself. I am an achiever; I want to accomplish, and it must be done today. Impatience is the hardest thing for me to control. I was born an Aries, with Aries rising. My color is red – being constantly on the move. I am a workaholic, never knowing when to quit. I have learned that blue, which is a seductive color, helps to slow me down and keeps me from “tearing the shingles off the roof!” I also wear blue because I am interested in the spiritual activity. That is why I wear more of the pastel blue colors.

There are many colors that we should balance our life with and use over the day. Our moods change, our jobs can be demanding, and our marriage can be upsetting at times. Our surroundings can call for different colors according to the demand of activity. Colors can be used to balance.


The sunset has an effect on us. It is the time when we find the stimulation of the warm colors of oranges and pinks to begin to leave us. The blue moon comes in. Quietness comes upon us. We have the same thing in the nice blue sky and the light blue water. We begin to take on the cosmic vibrations of the evening, and this is when we enjoy life and have company with us. This is how we end the day properly. We produce and alkaline condition in the body in the presence of the moon. We should go to bed in the presence of the moon. We should go to bed early to alkalinize our body. In the afternoon, between 2 and 3 o’clock, we have the effects of the sun’s and moon’s pull on the body. This is the time we should pause to take a short rest to allow an adjustment to take place.

Many people work at night, which is called the “graveyard shift.” We are not meant to work at night. We alkalinize our body during the night and this natural balancing effect in our bodies cannot take place if we work. Evenings and nighttime are when we are to sleep, rest and “let go.”

Music and color have their own vibrations and they vibrate and work together. They work in octaves. You can start with the musical note A on the piano and A, an octave above (eight notes) will start vibrating at the same time. We live in a good deal of harmony and disharmony. All music can have an effect on a person. It can bring you to tears. It can bring joy, sadness, and it can touch our deeper natures.

Not too many years ago, a big band in a Kansas City hotel was playing dance music one evening, and the balcony three stories overhead collapsed the vibratory rate of the music and the rhythm of the dancing was most likely responsible for this happening.

One of the first things I remember in my color activities was how a flashlight placed in front of a stationary radiometer started it spinning around. It was hard to believe that light is behind everything that exists. Color and light can be foods and it can stimulate, balance, depress or enliven one.

Color and light can be a stimulant or a suppressant. It can affect many different activities in the body. Music can stimulate certain plant life to grow faster. Milk from dairy animals has been increased through the use of certain music. Roc k and roll music will force to turn away from an underwater speaker. However, if the Viennese waltz is played, the fish will come right up to the speaker, usually in pairs.


These three photographs show that when an acid or a mineral is broken down into a liquid, put before a black light projector microscope, we can see that everything in nature vibrates to a certain color. The first crystalline photo is of a mineral. The second one is laetril, derived from the apricot kernel, which is used for treating certain diseases.


The artist, Maulsby Kimball, painted these beautiful abstract paintings. People would follow Rudolph Steiner’s work in bringing out all the rainbow colors in a painting. This idea is used a lot in the Montessori schools.


See a sunrise once in a while. Become aware of the colors in a sunrise. If we knew that the sun wasn’t going to rise tomorrow, we would all run out and see it today. We take too much for granted. To be aware of our surroundings – especially of our colorful surroundings – can help us in our daily activities. It also balances our natures.


We are made up of rocks, crystals and gems. They have been ground very finely into what we call topsoil, to colloidal-state minerals that bring on a very fine activity in the body. It is all in a vibratory state. Every one of these gems has their own vitality, throwing off their own ethereal force. These gems have been used for many years in the past. The Egyptians used certain gems on their foreheads and in their earlobes. Gems are constantly eaten in our foods. They transform the coarser minerals, bring them into a higher state of frequency and vibration so our body can use them. The day will come when we will live on the vibration of these chemical elements and not on the chemical elements themselves. We get rid of chemical elements constantly. We actually live on the vibratory rate of foods. When the live vibratory forces in the foods are gone, we find that the mineral can no longer be used and it has to be eliminated. Chemicals belong to the earth. Chemicals coming through food channels have the vibration we can use that is why we say we have to have the biochemical, which means life-building foods and what we call foods that have life. This life is the vibration we live on. The vibration puts the chemicals in their proper place.

Yes, you are a gem – not just chemical – but a vibrating chemical.


Kirlian photography is a form of infrared photography. It was recently, through the process of Kirlian photography, that an emanation was discovered coming from plant life, animal life and the human body, and this can be recorded on film. As we study these Kirlian photos, we see where two people coming together with a like emanation are compatible. Those who are not of a like nature cannot live, work, think or be together harmoniously.


Everything in nature is expressed in colors you can see or cannot see. There are colors beyond what we can interpret through our senses. Even though we see 8 million colors through our eyes, they are more colors in this universe than man will ever know.

Nature very seldom draws a straight line. The ocean looks like a straight line, but it is round. Everything in life is built around a circle. Sunflowers, shells, spots on feathers are all in circles. Vegetables do not have straight lines. The straightest line you can find in plant life is the affect the sun has in drawing a plant straight to the sun, overcoming gravity, such as a tree.


There is more beauty in this world than we can imagine. Those wanting to create a beautiful world, can do this when they have become aware of the effect of colors we emanate to one another. More of the deeper things we sense in life will emerge as we begin to study color. Everything relates to color; it has its own vibration through which we are able to see the greater things happen in our life.

When we study color and are aware of where it exists, we begin to understand life better. When we see what is happening behind the scenes, we have become one aware of the finer forces in life. This is the next step for mankind.

It seems as though it takes half a century for the seed of a new system to take root.
-George Starr White



Art for Art’s sake. – Art for self-expression, for a pastime, for healing, for what? Are artists wandering into strange uncharted byways?
-Gladys Mayer


“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good.”


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