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Have I lived before?

Hi im contacting you with a question. I am trying to find a way to see if I have lived before?? I am hoping that you may know of a path I might take to answer this question??

Thank you for contacting me and I hope I can shed some light on your question.

Firstly to some extent we have all lived before, but the details of any individual life is not important, nor is the fact that we have lived before important, but one thing that might help you to understand it all is the cycles of life.

To explain this you must remember that what I am about to try to explain about our physical bodies also relates to our spirit or soul.

When our bodies start to grow inside our mother’s womb it is being fed by the food our mother eats. This food is produced from the earth itself, which is why we refer to Our Mother Earth (the spiritual aspect is God Our Father, not the impersonal aspect of God, which is neither male, female, or both; it's The Great Mystery). So our bodies are the earth and when our energy (spirit) cannot hold the mass of our body any longer we die. When we die our body goes back to Mother Earth one way or another and then becomes food for all sorts of other beings to build there bodies, be it plants, animals, creepy crawlies, or bacteria.

So our current lives are to some extent one form that has been created from all forms that have been before us. Maybe it might help to see how this same thing happens spiritually. Great Spirit, God etc. can be seen as the ocean of energy, the totality of energy in the universe. From this ocean a single drop (that contains the essence of the ocean) is used to create our individual life. So in a sense we are everything that has gone before us, which is why all indigenous cultures have such reverence for ‘The Ancestors’; it keeps us respectful and aware that we are living for all that has ever been and therefore all that is still to come. We are the past, present and future.


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