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The Trickster

This was sent to me from Bud Johnston of 'The Keepers of the Sacred Tradition of Pipemakers', the website is in my links. It was sent to him by a friend and I felt it needed to be posted.

The Winds of Change Blow from All Directions. We know this is the time for All Truth to come to the Surface. Some might say, "you can't handle the truth", some might say, "the truth will set you free". The Trickster is at Play Across the Land.

"So what exactly is a Trickster? He is both subhuman and super human, bestial and divine. superior and inferior to man, a powerful life spirit. At one and the same time creator and destroyer, giver and negator, he who dupes others and is always duped himself. He posseses no values, moral or social, is at the mercy of his passions and appetites, yet through his actions all values come into being.

Are tricksters real? Amorphous concentrations of psychic energy, macro-psychokinetic events, super-realized collective unconscious eruptions, psychoids, materialized psychisms, supernatural transmorgrifications of paranormal energy archetypal psychic manifestations, and psychokinetic tulpoidal manifestations. Old Man Coyote would have a good laugh at that list of terms.

The trickster's role is to bring novelty, vitality and change as needed. He cautions us not to become victims of our own rationalistic thinking. We have two sides to our brains. By nature we are both rationalistic and emotional/intuitive. Can't these two parts of our being just get along? The world is a network of relations, that which was once thought to be absolute is always subject to evolution and renegotiation. We don't even know what reality is and now we have to negotiate with it.

The parade of modern day clowns is hard to miss and will undoubtedly continue. The current state of affairs could be offered as an example of tricksterism run amok. When clowns appear in creation stories they play important roles that help define traditional societal roles during the reemergence of the people from the previous world into the next. As we lurch forward toward the new world perhaps a new understanding of the trickster will help us on our way to redefining our perception of reality.

But first we must eliminate our fatal flaws and reorder our lifestyle. We must live with consciousness of our oneness with all creatures, and with the Creative Source. We must lay aside our greed and materialism, and learn to live more simply and without undue attachments. We must reject promiscuity, and exercise love with consciousness of the sacredness of sexuality.

What will the Fifth World to which we are headed be like? The Prophecy gives a brief glimpse of what is in store. "Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another World, be they of the Black, White, Red or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers and sisters." As for this Fourth World, "Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings, who shall remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator."

During this transition more than ever before, each of us is being called to serve the Great Mystery, that Center of Consciousness from which everything derives its being. Each of us has an important role during this Great Purification. We need to help find ways for nations, races and tribes to put aside differences, and join together for the good of everyone.

We need to lay aside the "success" lifestyle of greed and materialism, and learn to adopt a lifestyle of "just enough" and "good enough". We need to move away from the twin follies of Promiscuity and Puritanism, and learn to reverence sex as the delightful yet sacred activity of appropriately joining opposites to create a higher truth. And we need to lay aside the weapons of war, and operate with that compassion, understanding and economic justice which make for peace.

Native American tradition honors the existence of Thunder Beings. These Thunder Beings are understood by Native Americans to be messengers from the powers on high, the Star People (extraterrestrial visitors). The Thunder Beings are a force for both dissolution and re-creation. In the Plains Indian tradition, a person who has a visit by a Thunder Being, in person, in vision or in dream, becomes a heyoka, a "contrary". This heyoka then customarily soon starts behaving in a way opposite to the conventions of the dominant culture. The heyoka does so, precisely in order to wake up society to see that there are other and fresher ways of doing things. Thus, the heyoka is the human counterpart of the Thunder Beings, who repeatedly dissolve the existing order and fashion a new arrangement from the pieces.

As we transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World, we realize that not all heyokas are Plains Indians. Some have yellow skin, others black, others white. These heyokas of every color are experiencers, and have been changed by their experience of extraterrestrial contact by messengers from the sky (Thunder Beings). As modern-day heyokas, experiencers are charged to live as active witnesses against the ignorance and corruption of the Fourth World, and to live as witnesses of the Fifth World which is emerging. In doing so, modern heyokas honor the Thunder Beings, the extraterrestrials, who have come as cosmic midwives to help us birth the Fifth World.

Any and all who choose to work to bring in the Fifth World are heyokas. Recognize your calling in your behaviors. And then get down to work in fashioning this Fifth World. The negative power of the Fourth World cannot be annihilated. It can only be transmuted, by being confronted by the simplicity and cosmic consciousness of the Fifth World's midwives, the heyokas. We are not alone in this task. The Thunder Beings (ETs) have come to awaken us, and help us transmute. As heyokas, our role is to confront the Fourth World's negative energies, channel and transmute them into cooperative, spiritual, non aggressive, inclusive, noncompetitive, service-oriented, dominance-rejecting, psychic, highly-conscious, natural and harmonious energies.

As we evolve forward, the vibratory rate of the biological and consciousness energy fields within us increases. You will notice that people of like vibratory rate can "hear" and feel each other's inner consciousness level. And here is a miracle. A higher-vibrating person is like a tuning fork, tending to create a higher matching (sympathetic) vibration rate in others around who are functioning at a lower (Fourth World) vibratory/consciousness level. Heyokas can cause Fourth Worlders around them to tend to increase their vibratory rate. But Fourth Worlders have choices. They can go along with the higher vibratory/consciousness rate, and transition into the Fifth World. Or they can resist and like glass, "shatter", as threasingly dissonant with the emerging Fifth World. As for the heyoka midwives of the Fifth World, recognize that your role is in harmony with your fundamental way of being, and is therefore unavoidable. Therefore, you are encouraged to operate at your highest vibration, and help usher in the Fifth World.

Respect for the Thunder Beings

Some of the medicine ways of the Thunder Beings involve work with many Spirit- helpers of the West. These are some very brief descriptions of some aspects of the Thunder Beings. There are "Clowns" who make fun where there is none. "Winktas" bring female energy, which helps balance out masculine energy. "Spider Beings" play tricks with people's faith. 'Fools" try to get in the way and distract knowingly. "Backwards Ones" are inexperienced and mischievous; they play, mock others, and disrespect all things around them. The " Mindless" have to blindly follow instructions to hurt. maim, and kill the innocent.

Message from Sasquatchitan

BIG FOOT Cultivates Purity, Innocence and Truth. Sasquatchitan, Chief of Sasquatchi People.

You may think we are hairy and have big feet. Really this is not so. I come to speak to you because soon, our people will come to you again. The reason we had to leave the community of human beings is because of their loss of this innocence, truth, and purity. For our race and the Laws of our race are based upon these three. All true Star Nations practice innocence, truth and purity. Our people did not want to leave the human beings. This is why you have seen us here and there. Your grandfathers and grandmothers who have grown through what you call "years" usually are those who have seen us, because the Earth Walk teaches innocence, truth, and purity. This is why the Elders are the Spiritual leaders. Our people are ready to come to the human beings again, to live with you and to teach you many things. First, human beings must purify. For when we see you, we see things that are very horrifying to us because we have spiritual sight. You must cleanse the cloud of bad spirits that surrounds you, the negativity, unholy feelings, and unwise thoughts. Not only do these dark clouds prevent our people from having relationship to you, it prevents you from having relationship with Spirit and having relationship with Mother Earth.

We will share some practices now that will help you. First, within the Sacred Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, there is the power for your cleansing.

If you were to bury yourself in Earth and stay there for a day, you would be clean.

If you were to go and stay with Brother Waterfall for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stay under the Desert Sun for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stand in the Strong Winds of the Mountain People for one day, you would be clean.

The Elemental Peoples love human beings. They will do service at any time for you. Take Tobacco to them. Pray for their Nation and they will come to you with hearts overflowing. Then, honor their gift to you by changing the way you think, feeling with true heart, praying for renewal with Creator and honoring Mother Earth with each footstep. The way of cleansing for human beings is right outside your door.

Mother Earth and her peoples are glorious beings of the Universe! Learn to respect us! You look to the skies for miracles, the miracles are here! Open your eyes and see! Mother Earth is a great teacher of Innocence. She is a great teacher of Truth. She is Purity embodied. Know your Mother! Most of you came from far away to be with her and to be with the Peoples of her Love.

We Sasquatchi are ready to join you in the community of Sacred Law, in True Heart. We will teach you how to step through those Portals of Time. We will teach you how to remember who you are, your starry intelligence and wisdom. We will help you learn how to be in balance with the Sacred World around you. Our Peoples have adopted this Universal Law and its sign as the symbol of our coming and as the energy of our Teachings. And so, you may call us through these ways. First, we will check you out. We will watch you. We will see if you are ready. Can you see the little signs? For the biggest teachings are little things. We will be watching to see. For, when you can respect that little pebble, you can respect us. You can respect who you are.

Purity. Go out to the Sacred Waters.

Innocence. Remember when you were very young and be that way.

Truth. Stop trying so hard to lie.

The Elemental Brothers and Sisters are of these Essences. They are Purity in form. They are single. They are True. They are unpolluted, they understand that they are the Keepers of Life.

Learn from Soil and Stone.

Learn from River and Ocean.

Learn from Fire and Lightning.

Learn from Wind and Breath.

They are so close to you that you cannot remember who they are. And yet, not one action that you take, could you do without them. These Sacred Element Peoples will restore you. And then we, Sasquatchi, will come and teach you the community ways of being in balance with Sacred Mother. Then your lifeline will be unbroken as ours has been from the beginning."

Mitakuye Oyasin

excerpted from The Journey to the East

"He who travels far will often see things
Far removed from what he believed was Truth.
When he talks about it in the fields at home,
He is often accused of lying,
For the obdurate people will not believe
what they do not see and distinctly feel.
Inexperience, I believe,
Will give little credence to my song."


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