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My Favourite YouTubes

(only a few)

The Kybalion with Emerald Tablets Full film

This e book discusses the full Hermetic studies as best as possible;
remember the One, God, Great Spirit etc., is unknowable.
It explains what the shamans and masters have always known.


'Hopi Advice for Better Living'

As given by Jim Medicine Tree

'Lakota Wisdom Keepers'

3 Generations of Lakota Wisdom Keepers

(Nathan Chasing Horse, David Swallow, & Grandpa Wallace Black Elk)


'Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Speaks of White Buffalo Prophecy'

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.
The leader of the Lakota Dakota Nakota Oyate, the great Sioux nation, is a man with a vision.

A Great Urgency:

To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders

'Lost Generation'

This video was created for the AARP U@50 video contest

and placed second

'The Rain Dreamers'

Jim Tree's visit to Australia 2007

'Indigenous Native American Prophecy

(Elders Speak part 1)'

I recommend you watch all 5 parts

This part spoken by Floyd Red Crow Westerman

'Indigenous Native American Prophecy

(Elders Speak part 2)'

Oren R. Lyons ...

talks about the 7th generation and america's forgotten responsibly.

'The Beauty Way Path'

Interview with Chester Khan,

a Navajo Indian artist and Baha'i.

'When Earth Mother scolds'

The Elder Oldhands puts to music a frighting vision for those who will listen.

"The knowledge of foresight can bring about change".

All My Relations

'Stuck in the Smoke Hole of our Tipi'

Shoshoni Elder Oldhands breaks down and post's his

Original Aboriginal Christmas Song,

as a gift to you , after many, many, many requests....ENJOY..

All my Relations

'Spiritual Unity of the Tribes'

The history of manifesting Black Elk's Vision

'I Believe'

Created by Amy Pyers, my sister

I BELIEVE it is a beautiful prayer you have created.
I BELIEVE God has heard this prayer from you and Elvis.
I BELIEVE God loves you both.
I BELIEVE I love you too.
In fact I BELIEVE God love everyone to levels and depths that can't be expressed.
Love from your bro
Sitting Owl



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