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Restoring Sacred Masculinity

Teachings from the ‘The Sacred Circle’

Teachings from Jim Tree

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Adam Fortunate Eagle and Jim Tree


Jim teaches the following principals through audio and video CD's/DVD's, as well as through scheduled workshops and teleseminars. He also holds "intensive" workshops in the Selwaywilderness of Montana twice a year, (for more information about these, contact Jim at jim@jimtree.com.

For information on a unique 8 week seminar where Jim is joined by Karen Curry in teaching how to find the balance of both the Sacred masculine and the Divine feminine within each one of us, contact Jim.

For many years it has been one of Jim's responsibilities to work towards the restoration of the Sacred Manhood, the true expression of what it means to be a man. He has been doing this through a series of teachings called "Restoring Sacred Manhood, restoring the broken hoop."

These teachings come from several sources, Jim's own life experiences, the teaching of Native American Elders, and several other original expressions of what it is to be a man.

For centuries before the arrival of the Europeans, Native American boys grew up knowing how to be men of strength and true character. This was because they lived in a society where they were confronted daily by strong examples they could emulate. In today’s world there are few such examples a young man can pattern himself after.

In the summer of 1997, high in the mountains of central Colorado, a group of over 3000 Native American men gathered to hear the unified voices of Elders representing over 100 North American tribes.

The topic; what it means to be a man of character in today’s world.

Jim was privileged to participate in this gathering.

Seven "Philosophies" were presented to those in attendance as a guide to becoming the very highest expression of what it means to be a man. You can obtain a booklet of these teachings through the White Bison group at www.whitebison.org.

After several years of fully embracing the inter-tribal teachings passed on at the gathering in Colorado, Jim was asked by several of his Elders to pass them on to men through a tradition called the Buffalo Lodge.

Jim was asked to do this not because he had memorized the teachings, but because he lived them in a day to day world. [Sitting Owl's emphasis]

These teachings are not just Jim’s; they are the wisdom of the ancestors passed down through the ages. They have survived because they work. Thousands of men have proven their effectiveness in today’s society.

Traditionally, a special lodge, called the Buffalo lodge by many tribes, was set up in most Native American villages as a place where men of all ages could gather and share life’s lessons as well as its frustrations. These teachings are now for every man, no matter your heritage, if you yearn to be the best man, father, mate or citizen you can be, then you may want to explore these teachings further. Through them you can learn how to truly honour and respect all of creation, including yourself.

Restoring the Masculine, part 1

The Seven Philosophies: © White Bison Inc.

Philosophy 1: How to relate towards women.
Philosophy 2: How to relate towards children.
Philosophy 3: How to relate to your community.
Philosophy 4: How to relate towards Elders.
Philosophy 5: How to relate towards Creation.
Philosophy 6: How to relate towards the Creator.
Philosophy 7: How to relate towards yourself.

Restoring the Sacred Masculine, part 2

The Seven Totems (Levels) of a strong relationship

These lessons are based on the examples of seven participles represented in nature that provide a blueprint to building healthy relationships, be it between individuals, family, groups or even nations. Using the example of seven animals, this presentation builds on essential attitudes and understandings that have proven effective in building not only successful relationships, but also how your relationship can become the highest expression of a sacred relationship, the Eagle Union, a union that is one of total service to all of creation. Though not a common relationship in times past, the necessity for Eagle Unions is becoming vital in today’s shifting world situation.

1. Turtle-Truth

Truth is the foundation of any good relationship. First, you must be truthful with yourself, and then with those you would be in relationship…right from the start. It is foolish to build on a false base that will only be found out in the future. Often we think we will present ourselves as one thing hoping that once they get to know us, the thing we misrepresent will not matter.

2. Beaver-Commitment

Picture in your mind a beaver. They are what one would call “single minded”. They will work day and night to build a dam. The damn provides for a multitude of natures children. If something should threaten the damn they will work none stop until it is repaired. So it is with a relationship. It is like the damn, and if the relationship is one called forth by the Devine, then we need to be committed to doing whatever is needed to build, maintain or repair it.

3. Porcupine-Loyalty

Porcupines are the image of loyalty in a relationship. They will stay by the side of their partner even after they die. They will morn the loss for days, much as the elephants of Africa have been known to do. Being loyal to someone no matter what their condition or circumstance is vital for a good relationship. How do you talk about your partner when they are not around?

4. Wolf-Humility

If you watch a wolf pack, you will see what true humility is. It is the understanding of not only who you are in the pack, but who you are not. The only way an extended family can function properly is if everyone fulfils their role in that family. Are you an alpha leader? Or are you an uncle, one who helps the alpha fulfil its roll?

5. Bear-Courage

There is no more apt example of courage than that of a mother black bear defending her cub. Even in the face of certain death from a male grizzly bear, the black bear will be so full of love inspired courage that the grizzly will back down even though in the physical realm it would easily kill the mother. A good relationship needs to be defended with this kind of courage in order to access the supernatural help needed for its full expression.

6. Gitchi Sabe-Strength

This name translates into “Great Friend” and refers to what is known as “Bigfoot”. This being is a very real part of our existence with many reports of interaction through out the centuries. Since you may not have any first hand exposure to the Great Friend, I will describe what has been told to me. Gitchi Sabe is the most powerful, physically as well as in other ways, creature in the woods. It is also one of the most gentle. It depicts for us the gentile but firm use of amazing power to protect and nurture a relationship.

7. Eagle-Service

When Golden Eagles mate, they mate for life. Not only this, but should one of them die, the other will not find a new mate. There is a type of wedding ceremony called the “Eagle wedding”. It is when a couple who have been married for some time decides to devote their relationship to the service of the people. In the ceremony, vows are taken that if one of the couple should pass over, the other will continue to serve the people instead of starting a new relationship. The entire focus of the Eagle marriage is to serve selflessly as a team. This kind of service is often only attempted after the children are grown and the couple has proven the strength and endurance of their relationship. It is the highest expression of a relationship to have Eagle medicine; it is to realize that the purpose of the relationship is to serve others.

Restoring the Sacred Masculine, part 3

The four ceremonies of Two Bears.

Effective tools to discovering who and what you were born to be.

1. Receiving a Name
2. Meeting your council
3. The Vigil
4. Facing of your fears
5. The Seven Directions Ceremony

Two Bears is a typical modern man of mixed race; he raised a family of four children and faced all the common challenges of this day and age. Some of these were divorce, alcohol abuse, climb and crash of career, single parenthood, etc. He found ways to not only deal with these challenges, but ways to triumphantly overturn them to live a fulfilled and fruitful life.

How did he “discover” these lessons? He spend his life living in harmony with nature, the most trustworthy teacher there is. He was shown these ceremonies buy direct revelation, now tried and true, ceremonies that are effective and real, because the work!

What can you receive from these ceremonies? They are intended to help you find your own particular place and function in the great circle of life and help you become the highest expression of what you were meant to be. The ceremonies not only help you discover what you are here for, but also how to receive the gifts and power to accomplish that purpose.

First Ceremony: Receiving a Name.

A name is given by the Great Mystery to help one understand who they are, who they are to become and what spiritual forces are aligned with them to help become the name. You grow into your name. You do not choose it; it chooses you, coming from the heart of the Mystery itself.

Second ceremony: Meeting your council.

On a spiritual journey, you gather items from the wilderness that you are led to by the spirits of nature. The items you receive on this search will indicate further entities and allies that will be with you throughout your life to assist you in all you do. Some call them guides; others might refer to them as guardian angels. The symbols of these helpers are sewn into a pouch that you wear around your neck for the rest of your life, a physical reminder of the spiritual help you enjoy.

Third ceremony: The Vigil

Traditionally a boy coming into manhood would go on a fast away from all others to find out what his “calling” or purpose in life was. Today many men are wandering aimlessly without a clue why they are here in this lifetime. Through this ceremony you can received a vision of not only understand your purpose, but how to receive the gifts that empower you to accomplish it.

Forth ceremony: Facing your fear.

If you are called into a life of spiritual service to others, you will most likely be given the opportunity to experience a ceremony called the “Facing your Fear”. Through this ceremony you will be confronted by your greatest fears, overcoming them so you can help others face theirs. This ceremony is not for everyone.

Fifth ceremony: The Seven Direction Ceremony.

Again, this ceremony is for those who are called to live a life of spiritual service. It is a kind of “gradation” ceremony wherein one is acknowledged by the spiritual realm as being ready to “walk as a servant”. Again, through this ceremony one receives the additional gifts and power to accomplish this life of service.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all Jim, It is very important stuff.

It has been an honour and a privilege to spend some very sacred time with you and to help you to inform the human population how to live in harmony with 'All Our Relations'.


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