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As a Spiritual Advisor, Counsellor, and Teacher based on All Traditional Native Teachings I am committed to Connecting Earth and Spirit holistically and in Harmony with 'All Our Relations'.

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from the pages here on my website.

Remember that I am sharing my wisdom in the form of information. All information needs to be understood before it becomes knowledge, therefore I am available 24/7 to be contacted in numerous ways throughout this website and forum to give advice, if I can, and to answer any questions, concerns, or uncertainties about any of the material here. However for knowledge to become wisdom it must be put into practice in every aspect of living, every minute of every day.

It is my hope that everyone who comes across this website will do exactly that, and as the true wisdom of humanity increases we can learn, or relearn how to live in harmony with Great Spirit, God, or whatever you call the highest power and creator of life; Mother Earth, the giver of all our manifestation and physical bodies; and ‘All Our Relations’ (see Mitakuye Oyasin page, the explanation of which is similar to the greeting Namaste’ and In-Lakesh.).

This is humanity's call to maturity, a sort of Rites of Passage. We need to be united, as we are one in Spirit, and we need to become responsible human beings who don't need any government ‘nanny’ to look after us. Governments and their departments are all corporations registered in Washington DC anyway; Google ‘Legal Name Fraud’ and study how the slave masters (Banking elite) do it!

Yep, it's time to let the slavery system die. We all need to stop feeding it and return to nature as all indigenous people have done as they saw countless high civilisations crumble. No one can beat nature, so best we understand it and learn to live in harmony with nature and All Our Relations (Mitakuye Oyasin). The order followers and consumers are feeding this slavery system! As one Elder once said: "Now is the time to decide if you're going to be on the clean-up gang or the gang that gets cleaned up."

I think this short YouTube video explaining the 'Hopi Advice for Better Living' presented by my good friend Jim Medicine Tree explains a huge part of the solution.

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This is the download link for tonight's show regarding Michael, the Witness DESTROYING Babylon after a 34 day stand off with the system throwing all manner of threats (bluffs) at him to try and make him yield to be their LEGAL NAME...I and everyone at the table KNEW he would never yield from the truth that he will not commit fraud by using CROWN COPYRIGHTED PROPERTY LEGAL NAME to give the dead crown it's dead body via legal name jurisdiction. Please share this with all the so-called REMEDY GURUS who don't understand this most basic fact that has those that truly understand it winning 100% of the time, sending bailiffs, cops, lawyers, governments, judges PACKING.....LITERALLY......time to get out of wonderland fiction and into the real world of the living....well done Michael, so very well done.....much love, kate


Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

Strawberry gets arrested for suspected steeling his own car

A Prayer for Harmony

By: Frank Fools Crow 1890 - 1989

Holy Man and Ceremonial Chief of the Teton Sioux (Lakota Nation)

Wakan-Tanka, I thank you for our ancestors, for the life they have given each of us, and for the traditions they have preserved and handed down to us.

Wakan-Tanka, I thank you for my life and the opportunity to know you, to serve you and to serve our people. Continue to make me a responsible person and help me add to the good things you and my ancestors have given me.

Wakan-Tanka, I thank you for those who are yet to come and who will carry on from where we leave off. Help them to preserve the traditional life for the generation to come after them so as to keep the hoop turning.

Wakan-Tanka, I thank you for my brothers and sisters who are here to share this precious moment. I pray that you will bless them and always be with them.

Mitakuye Oyasin

My General and Simple Prayer

Great Spirit (Grandfather), I thank you for life. 
Mother Earth, I thank you for form. 
East Power, I thank you for illumination and enlightenment of spirit. 
North Power, I thank you for trust and innocence of cellular memory and emotions. 
West Power, I thank you for change and introspection of my body. 
South Power, I thank you for knowledge and wisdom of my mind. 
I also thank all my guides, totems, ancestors from the beginning of time, and my own consciousness and power within.

The Four Agreements

Please take the time (2 hours 20 min.) to listen to this great wisdom.

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In short the agreement are:

1. Be impeccable with your word.

Intent is manifested through your word. They can be double edged. Being impeccable creates magic, misuse creates black magic.

2. Don't take anything personally.

When you take things personally you risk being a victim of black magicians (there are plenty of them everywhere). Everything others say is a reflection of themselves and has nothing to do with you.

3. Don't make assumptions.

This is what makes us take things personally. When you ass/u/me you make an ass out u and me. Always ask questions, this is the path to personal freedom.

4. Always do your best.

Your best will vary depending on moods, influences, and experience. Developing the 4 agreements will make your best better.

Website set ups and designs

This site is created using Joomla, where once I have set it up the owner can adjust or add pages to the content by logging in to the control panel.

Other websites I have built, designed, or maintain are:

This site: http://david.sittingowl.com.au/ and Earth People http://earthpeople.com.au/

Little Hawk's Paradise http://www.littlehawksparadise.com/ is the latest and greatest of websites I have built for my good (facebook) friend John Little Hawk Wilson. He's an American Indian doing some awesome healing and teaching of his special massage techniques.

The Scott-Carey Familywebsite is full of information on the history and the re-unions of the descendants of Henry Scott and Albertina Virginia Scott (nee Carey) of which, I am a member from my mother's side.
The site: www.scottcareyfamily.com and I'm sure will have lots of family photos.

Kotuku Dreaming is the website I created for a very special Maori Elder, Kiri Dewes. 
Thanks for the honour of doing this for you 'mum'.

I can also set up your website with cheaper domain registration and hosting that is a lot more limited, but ok for small sites with just a few pages.
They are created using FrontPage 2000. Examples are:
sittingowl.com, which is identical to earthpeopleproductions.com

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Sitting Owl is available for:

Stone-people (Sweat) Lodges (a cleansing 'Inipi' Ceremony).
Life and Energy Counselling.
Dream and Vision Interpretations.
Shaman Stone and Medicine Card Readings.
Chakras and Auras.
Healing the Healer.
Shamanic Studies.
Mythology Studies.
Spirit Journeys.
Vision Quests.
Understanding Vibration, Manifestation and Quantum Physics.
All manner of spiritual cleansing, making sacred space, and sacred ceremonies.

Remember to

Follow your BLISS!

The realisation of your BLISS  (Your True Being) 
comes only when you can live any passing moment of your life
without being influenced by any FEARS, DESIRES, or 
SOCIAL DUTIES to live any particular way!

As adapted by: Sitting Owl
from a quote by: Joseph Campbell

Original Quote:

The realisation if your bliss (your true being) comes when you have put aside the passing moment with its terror, temptations, and its statements of requirements of life that you should live 'this way'.

Joseph Campbell
circa 1984

Keep watching these pages for I will be posting more all the time.
Please keep your eyes, consciousness and open mind on this site.
And don't be afraid to ask me questions.
And don't forget to check out my Forum.


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